The New Digital SAT 2024

Beginning in March 2024, the SAT will convert to a new digital format. The SAT has been a paper-and-pencil exam for over 70 years but students in 2024 will take an online test. The mathematics section will appear approximately the same as the previous format with the following minor changes:

1. Questions about complex and imaginary will no longer appear on the test.

2. The previous SAT featured both a calculator and non-calculator section. The new SAT allows calculator use throughout the exam.

3. Students are permitted to use their own College Board-authorized  calculator though the test features its own online calculator as well.

The verbal section continues to test the student’s reading and writing skills, but the long passages from previous SAT formats are no longer on the SAT. Instead, students will have a total of 66 single paragraphs, each with its own single question.

The new SAT will feature a shorter length with the test lasting about 2.25 hours rather than 3 hours.

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